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Why volunteer?

Volunteering for Aberystwyth Nightline is one of the best ways of giving up time to support your fellow students. By being there to prove a listening ear and a reassuring voice you could be helping someone when they need you the most. Issues such as homesickness, bereavement, flatmate problems, mental illness, depression and sexual health are all relevant. Whilst we are not professional counselors, Nightline volunteers are trained to be the life jacket that the student needs.

We are always keen to hear from enthusiastic students who wants to make a difference. As Nightliners, we greatly value and appreciate your support. In return, we offer you extensive training where you will learn and develop life-long skills, such as active-listening and communication skills. Volunteering also has other benefits. The experience of joining a friendly, diverse and supportive community filled with a fun group of individuals with the same desires to help others. 

What sort of commitment is asked of me?

We understand and appreciate that students have busy lives and therefore we only expect our volunteers to do a minimum of three shifts per academic semester. Commitment is otherwise flexible, and we operate on a rota basis where you can select which night is most suitable for you. We also expect our volunteers to comprehend and recognise the importance of maintaining confidentiality and anonymity within the service for both yourself and your fellow volunteers. What happens in Nightline, stays in Nightline!

Who can volunteer?

All registered Aberystwyth University students – undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate. We welcome students from all degree schemes and no prior experience is required. Students from all walks of life and disciplines are invited to attend our training sessions. All we require is a good understanding of English, enthusiasm for providing the service and of course; completion of training.

When and what is training?

We run several training events throughout the academic year, which typically last for two weekends. We also run catch-up seminars and sessions. Upon completion, you can begin working as a Nightline volunteer. Throughout training, you will develop a profound understanding of Nightline’s principles as well as developing good listening and information providing skills. You will then be taught how to apply these skills to a variety of situations you may face as a volunteer.


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